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represent our brand, and we really care about our brand.


 Providing agents the systems and services they need to succeed within the insurance industry. EFES strives to provide each agent with innovative marketing, affordable lead programs, exceptional insurance carriers and competitive compensation along with the product and sales training that enables our agents to compete in a highly aggressive market while assisting families with their insurance needs.


Complete Senior Benefits℠  is an organization dedicated to providing top-tier insurance products to Seniors, primarily consisting of Medicare Advantage, Medicare Supplement, Drug Plans and Final Expense Life Insurance.  We have been fortunate to market products to Seniors for over twenty years.  Our products are generally sold over the telephone from a Call Center facility.


Equita Holding Corp is the newest addition to the Equita Group of Companies.  Equita Holding Corp offers a solution through Mergers and/or Acquisitions to help both Agency and IMO owners perform at optimal rates.  Service, Marketing, Support, and Capital are all essential elements of a successful Insurance Agency.  To be competitive and reach your full potential, you need a team behind you that can assist with social media, lead programs, accounting services, IT support, contracting and licensing, and most of all, Working Capital .  We offer all our partners the Top IMO levels with both Life and Medicare carriers, Proprietary Recruiting Platforms, Qualified Lead Programs, and full access to our Service Company with over 30+ years in the industry.  Whether you're planning for today, tomorrow, or both, there are a number of options available to Agency and IMO owners in the Insurance Industry.   
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